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Change the way you think about self defense…

You wouldn’t jump in the deep end of the pool without a life jacket if you didn’t know how to swim. You wouldn’t hand
your car keys over to your teenager without first teaching them to drive safely. Then why would you go out in the world
without some personal safety skills?

The GET REAL Safety Awareness Training program is designed to give women and teen girls the skills they need to meet
the world with confidence, assertiveness and personal boundaries intact. The GET REAL Safety Awareness Training
program  is an empowering, fun and informative way to give women and teen girls the physical, mental and emotional
skills they need to live without paranoia or fear. Whether you have been a victim in the past or not, this course will help
reduce your risk of becoming one in the future.

By combining the physical benefits of several different types of martial arts, along with awareness training and emotional
self defense, co-founders Rhonda Payne and Jan Bonner have created a self defense program that is second to none.
GET REAL Safety Awareness Training provides the skills and training to be better prepared for encounters with the
outside world. This is NOT a martial arts course. You don’t have to be in shape, skilled or knowledgeable about the
martial arts to participate in this course.

It is time to change the way you think about self defense, it is time to GET REAL.

Goals of GET REAL

  • A physical confrontation is the last stage of self defense. Most traditional self defense courses deal mostly with this final stage and focus on repeating a physical skill until it is reflexive.
  • The goal of the GET REAL program is to enable women and girls to avoid a physical confrontation by teaching awareness skills, personal boundary setting skills and situation avoidance tactics to keep them from reaching
    that final stage.
  • In the event of a physical confrontation, the GET REAL course teaches skills that are realistically designed for women, to help maximize their specific assets and minimize their limitations in order to escape as quickly and
    safely as possible.

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