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Judo (柔道)

We are not just another choice, we are THE choice for an all inclusive Personal Best Judo Program. Every student from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced will receive quality instruction, in an encouraging, friendly atmosphere.

Judo is a martial art, over 100 years, based on the traditional Ju-Jitsu fighting and self-defense techniques of Japan. Movements involve many different throwing and grappling techniques which include the use of pin-downs on the mat, chokes, arm bars, and escapes. Application of techniques combine timing, balance and off-balancing, direction of movement, and momentum with the use of leverage to achieve greater power against an opponent or (in a self defense situation) an attacker. Judo has been the foundation for numerous military/police combatives and defense tactics around the world.

Judo became a full Olympic medal sport for men in 1964, and for women in 1992. In sport Judo, there are several ways to be declared “winner” of a contest or tournament match. These ways include by throwing, a pin-down on the mat, or a combination of both. You can also win by applying a choking or arm-locking technique which forces your opponent to submit to the win by “tapping out.” A referee and two judges oversee each match and give points to the various techniques applied. The contestant with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Judo practitioners wear white or blue judogi, or uniforms. A more common name for the uniform on the mat is simply “gi.” A judo uniform is a heavier quilted jacket and pants designed to handle the rigors of Judo.

We have a great group of people (kids, teens, and adults) in our Judo program- top quality Olympic mats to train on, experienced and qualified instructors to learn from in a “safety first environment,” and friendly people to always extend a helping hand. We believe, based on many years of experience, that a relaxed, though structured, environment is most conducive to learning, and that’s what we provide!

Though available, no competition is required for advancement through the ranks. Our program is designed for individual “personal best” performance. In other words, no worries about how “good” the people around you are, just focus on your own learning and set realistic goals for yourself. Whether you are interested in joining us to learn Kodokan Judo, Olympic Judo, for fitness, for self-defense, or just for fun, you are welcome to give it a try!

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