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Master Rhonda Payne

7th Dan Taekwondo
7th Dan Hapkido
1993 – U.S. Olympic Sports Festival Gold Medalist
1993 – International Friendship Games World Champion
1998 – Master Instructor of the Year
1998 – Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame
3 Time Texas Outstanding Athlete of the Year
9 time National Medal Winner
22 Grand Championships

Master Payne has been training in martial arts for over 30 years. She’s competed in state, national, and international competitions in sparring, forms, and weapons. She’s coached state, national, and international level athletes. She was the first woman to host a Taekwondo tournament in the state of Texas and the first woman to open a Taekwondo school in San Antonio. Her passion for martial arts and for teaching has led her to being inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

“The atmosphere we have created in our dojo is one of inclusiveness. Everyone has more potential for success when they are in an atmosphere that is supportive. We want to give each student the tools they need to rise to the challenges before them and reach their goals. The instructors at the USMA Training Center have an unending commitment to excellence in their approach to teaching. They are each highly qualified black belts, dedicated to helping students realize and utilize their potential.”

She is the author of Get REAL- A Safety Guide for Women and Teen Girls, available on Amazon.

Sensei Jan Bonner

Shichidan, Judo (7th Dan)

Certified N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer

Sensei Jan Bonner began her involvement in Judo over 40 years ago. Currently she holds the rank of 7th degree black belt. She is a lifetime member of both United States Judo Association and the Unites States Martial Arts Association under the direction of Phillip S. Porter, and received her instructor certification at the National Judo Institute (NJI), in Colorado Springs, CO.

With a desire to teach others, Sensei Bonner started a Judo club at Lackland Air Force Base, from a grassroots level, in the same gymnasium she began her training under the direction of Herbert D. Bellamy. Within two years, she had built the largest USJA Judo club in Texas, producing both state and regional level champions.

In addition to hosting a tournament, plus numerous Judo clinics and seminars, Sensei Bonner attended training camps at the NJI. The knowledge she gained was brought back to her students, enabling them to learn techniques at an elite athletic level.

Knowing every aspect of the sport of Judo, having been a competitor, coach, and referee, Sensei Bonner has a strong philosophy she shares with her students, “Don’t worry about being a trophy winner. Concentrate on being an athlete first. Practice; strive to be your personal best; be diligent; be dedicated. Have passion for your art and the ‘trophies’ will come. Keep your perspective and remember trophies do not necessarily make you a true winner – honesty, dedication, and good character does.”

James Trimble

James Trimble was introduced to the sport of Taekwondo in 1994 as away to relieve stress. While stationed at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, he received his 1st degree black belt in July of 1997. Upon his return to the United States Mr. Trimble was stationed at Schriever Air Station, Colorado Springs, CO. There he volunteered as Taekwondo instructor from 1998 -2000. While instructing at Schriever he also took lessons from Mr. Tim Bell, Modern Taekwondo Centers, in order to hone his skills. From July 2000 – July 2003 he trained in North Carolina under Grand Master Myong Sok Namkung Mayes. She is recognized as a “Living Legend” by the Korean Government and was the 1988 U.S. Olympic Head Coach. Mr. Trimble received his 2nd degree black belt in 2002.

During military deployments to the Middle East he volunteered to be the Taekwondo instructor at Al Jaber Air Base in 2001 and 2002 teaching the sport to military personnel there. He was recognized by the Wing Commander for his efforts in improving the morale and welfare of deployed personnel.

Mr. Trimble began training at the USMATC in 2005 and received his 3rd degree black belt in Jun 2008 and later his Certified Instructor Certificate. Mr. Trimble also holds rank in Hapkido.

Rae Trimble

Rae Trimble began training in Taekwondo in South Dakota while stationed there with the Air Force. She continued her training in New Mexico then Colorado Springs, CO where she received her 1st Dan in June of 2000 under Master Tim Bell, Modern Taekwondo Centers. She continued training and received her 2nd Dan in North Carolina under Grand Master Myong Sok Namkung Mayes, former U.S. Olympic Head Coach and recognized as a “Living Legend” by the Korean government. Mrs. Trimble began training at the USMATC in 2006 and received her 3rd Dan and Certified Instructor Certificate. She has competed in a number of state, regional, and national tournaments earning at least one Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal in each.

Aaron Preine

Aaron Preine is a GIS Technician (III) with the Research & Edit Department located in P2’s San Antonio office. He holds a B.S. from Texas State University in Geographic Information Science and has been with the company since the first Monday after graduation in May of 2007. In 2006, Aaron was twice awarded an internship at the Texas General Land Office working with the GIS team in the Coastal Resources Department. Aaron has also been active in martial arts for two decades, holding black belts in both Taekwondo and Judo.

Emily Brooks

Coach Emily Brooks holds the rank of Sandan-3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo. She is a certified instructor and is the Head Coach of the Judo program at USMATC.

Xavier Romero

As a 4th Dan in Taekwondo and a Level III Certified Instructor, Mr. Romero is one of the youngest to hold such high rank in the history of USMATC. He is also a Sandan-3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo and one of the most well-rounded martial artists to come along in many years, also holding rank in Hapkido and BJJ.

His training started from white belt with the House of Payne, Mr. Romero is a home-grown product of hard work, passion and persistence. He is actively mentoring junior Leadership Team members, instructing classes and private lessons and serving as a positive role model to his students and peers.

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