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Back to School

It’s almost time for back to school. How does your child feel about that? Are they excited? Are they nervous? Are they terrified? Hopefully, they are excited and maybe a little nervous, but sometimes kids are terrified- sometimes with good reason. Bullying comes in many forms. From good ole’ fashioned playground bullying to cyber attacks. From one on one to groups on one.

As a parent, how do you spot it? Better yet, how do you help your child deal with it or prevent it altogether? It may be uncomfortable for your child, no matter the age, to talk about it, let alone bring it up. So- bring it up. Talk about it. Ask direct questions. Listen. Really. Listen. Sometimes just knowing that your parent(s) will believe you no matter what can be the catalyst for them speaking up. They get their bravery through watching their parents be brave. Sometimes brave means saying no. Sometimes brave means admitting when you’ve made a mistake.

Giving your children the clothes, the supplies, the backpacks- that’s all good. But giving them the other tools they need to succeed, like confidence, critical thinking, self-worth, common sense, compassion and empathy- those things are far more valuable.

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